Monday, April 20, 2015

Belated updates.

Violet is 18 mos old and healthy as a horse :)  She weighs in at 25 lbs and is 2 ft 9 inches tall.  Those numbers all mean that she tows the family line of hugeness.  Proportionate, but huge.  She took her shots like a champ!  She even leaned in and gave Dr. Lynds a kiss on the cheek as he was trying to leave, too.  She is full of spunk but can also be sweet sometimes!
 Cousin bath time.

 Violet had vents in her ears, just like her big sister Diana.  THey have changed our lives!  Everybody sleeps through the night and I can tell she feels a ton better.

2 hrs post-op and she's back at her silliness :)

 We're welcoming another little baby Walcott in August 2015 and the girls are SO excited!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

"Daddy threw me in the pile of leaves and my arm bent"....and other related topics

 Cuddly little girlies.  Diana always sleeps with one hand tucked under her neck and a plug in her mouth.  These are habits we should break her of but....we haven't yet :)  Violet had her first piggie tales.

 We went to Karl and Katie's for the weekend and had a blast!  One of the highlights was raking all of their leaves into a giant pile and Joey throwing the girls into the pile. THey LOVED it and so did Kedzie

 We tried to get a great shot with our host and hostess.....this ensued .  What a pile of goof balls

 So since we had such a good time in the leaves at Karl and Katie's house we raked a huge pile at our house upon our return home.  Joey threw the girls in and at one point Marcy came out screaming.   She couldn't move her hand or her arm and had an immediate bruise.  We took her in to the doctor and sure enough, she has her first broken bone.     She broke a part of the humerus right on the elbow joint and has a cast for a couple of weeks.  If you ask her how it happened she'll willingly throw Joey under the bus and reveal his hand in it all :)  Opa and Oma came over and brought her a get well outfit and card.  Those types of visits are pretty special and thoughtful!

A little rest and some TLC and she's on the road to recovery...ish.    Busy week!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Little one is one

So our little Miss started out life at (our biggest one yet) 7lbs 3 oz and is now a whopping 22 lbs 7 oz.  Lots of other things have changed since then too!  She is walking all over, in fact, she was our earliest walker at 11 months 1 week.  She still looks a bit drunk and stumbley but she is definitely able to get where she wants to, when she wants to.  She is also VERY dexterous.  Violet has dainty hand and petite fingers and can manipulate objects very well.  She also ALWAYS has a finger tip in the corner of her mouth.  Austin powers style:).  She seems to be able to fend off her bigger sisters pretty well, mostly with shrill awful screams.  So her stats are as follows: 22lbs 7 oz which is the 84%, 30 inches tall in the 89% and may have to have an upper lip frenulectomy like her big sister, Diana.   She also slammed her fingers in a drawer at the Doctor's office cracking a fingernail in half which caused blood, swelling, and lots more tears.  Then came immunizations, and finally a blood draw.  She had a rough day.  But, in true Violet form, today she's mostly back to normal toodling around playing by herself, muttering under her breath, and gently playing with toys or reading books.   

 The lovely couple is reunited :)

 Violet has gotten her first cell phone before mom gets one.  Oh wait, I've got a tab-phone-let.  That's for another time, though.
 Laura's got a new cow fur?  We've got a new sheep fur.

 Great  to have the kids together...bummer that we're missing a few though!

 Yup, she loved the frosting..   It took her quite a while to figure out that there is something under the frosting too.

 See, finger tip in mouth :)

 Mr. John Knox came for a visit.  He is a good friend from Denver that happned to be a state over so we convinced him to drive up and spend some time with our family.  It was time well spent and we'd love to have him back again!
 Nice one Marcy!